As part of our 75th Anniversary year-long celebration, we are collecting Holy Moments as a parish offering. A Holy Moment is a moment in time when we prayerfully consider what it is God wants us to do. The large glass jar at the front of the church under the Holy Oils is where we are collecting them. Please see the white basket in the vestibule for more details. Copies of Matthew Kelly’s book Holy Moments are also available. Highly recommended reading!

How to participate:

  • You and/or your family participate in a Holy Moment.
  • Get a small piece of paper(some purple ones are provided in the back of the church, but any small paper will do)
  • Briefly write down what took place during your Holy Moment. (No one will be looking at the papers. Once they go in the container, they will stay there as our parish offering).
  • Fold the paper and place it in the large glass jar in the front of the church.
  • Enjoy watching the Holy Moments of our parish grow!