What is the VIRTUS Training Program?

The VIRTUS training, “Protecting God’s Children” program is designed to increase one’s knowledge and awareness of child sexual abuse and how one can help prevent the sexual abuse of minors and to implement the proper response when abuse may be indicated.

The primary goal of the VIRTUS program is to educate all volunteers and employees in the recognition and prevention of sexual abuse.

Who is Required to Sign Up for this Program?

Teachers, staff, and all volunteers who minister to or work with minor children must attend one of the VIRTUS Training program sessions and are required to read a number of bulletins online per year at the VIRTUS Online website.

VIRTUS Procedural Requirements

The following steps are required:

Training Session

The first step is to attend an online training session for volunteers or an in person training for employees or substitute teachers, which is offered at various parishes/schools throughout the Grand Rapids Diocese. At the training session, please use the correct location:  “Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish OR School” and mark volunteer, educator, substitute, or employee as one of your roles.

You will be required to fill an online Background Check Form and the Standards of Ministerial Behavior form. We must have all these forms included in order to allow anyone to work with our children. Educators and Substitute teachers are required to have their fingerprints taken and registered on the VIRTUS site.

Ongoing Personal Training/Required Readings*

After the training session is completed, ongoing training is provided through the VIRTUS Online website. Certain roles will be required to read a bulletin once a month. More information can be found at VIRTUS Online.

For more information please contact Jane Eggleston @ 241-4477 and to sign up for a class please click link below:

Link to VIRTUS Training for Both Employees and Volunteers. Please note only volunteers may choose online training.


Links for FAQ’s about Virtus and Reporting Abuse

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