Men’s Ministry, Friday Mornings

Men of the parish meeting to discuss, pray, and support one another in our roles as father, brother, and friend. Men’s Ministry will  start the next session on 01/22/21 at 6:15 am.  We will initially return to the zoom platform for the winter semester hearing from new speakers: Paco Gavrilides, Dr. Lenny DeLorenzo, Mark Hartfiel and more.  A few of the topics are: The Heavenly Weapon in Spiritual Warfare, Beloved Sons of the Father, Paternal Expectations, Friends of Christ, God’s Identity, The War on Truth.  Contact Kim Eadie for more information,

  • 6:15 – Login and Whole Group Prayer
  • 6:30 – Video
  • 7:00 – Small groups – Zoom breakouts
  • 7:25-7:30  – Whole Wrap Up

 Meeting ID: 468 866 1751

 Passcode: ihm