The Chapel of the Holy Eucharist, located on the west side of the parish office building, is open 24 hours a week throughout the year! Please read below for our new Adoring experience. Everyone is invited to stop in for a visit with Our Lord. Pope John Paul II reminds us that “the only prayer more powerful than Eucharistic Adoration is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” If you would like to commit to an hour of Adoration per week please go to to check on available hours.  Questions can be directed to Tom Kartes, or at 616-325-9305.  Additional information about Adoration can be found at

Adoration update for 12/21!

The Tabernacle and alter candles have been removed from the chapel.  The only lit candle in the chapel will be the sanctuary candle kept burning to indicate and honor the presence of Christ. No other candles are to be burning in the chapel.

The Monstrance with the Most Blessed Sacrament has been placed inside a secure case and placed on the small alter.  The case has a curtain (drape) around it that can be opened and closed to Expose or Reposethe Blessed Sacrament.  The curtain is moved simply by sliding it on the rod.  When Exposing the Blessed Sacrament the curtain should be pulled back around each front corner so that the entire front of the case is visible.

The Blessed Sacrament needs to be Reposed when you leave the chapel and no other Adorers remain.  To Repose the Blessed Sacrament pull the curtain closed around the front of the case and bring together at the top and bottom.  Then close any open windows, turn off any portable fans or heaters, and turn off the lights with the exception of the front wall light (always ‘on’). Please note our Adoration Cleaning Angels spiff up our Adoration space during the weekend, so please understand and give them some “space”:)

At this time the curtain and rod are not as stable as they will be when the project is finished.  The rod will not fall down.  Care needs to be taken when sliding the curtain on the rod so go slow and be gentle.

God Bless!


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