Service and Support Ministry



IHM  Refugee Community

IHM sponsors families who are making a new life for themselves in America. Donating furniture, clothes, services or just a helping hand can make all the difference to new family. In addition, we need parishioners to build relationships with these refugee communities so that navigating the unexpected events of their new life can go smoothly.  To get involved in this ministry, contact Prisilla Baldwin, 241-4477 Ex. 105


Sick and Home-bound Ministry

  • Eucharistic Visitors:  These members of Immaculate Heart of Mary carry the Eucharist weekly to those members of Christ’s Body who are unable to attend church. As our community ages, we are always in need of volunteers for this very important ministry.
  •  Meals for home-bound:  For short term needs, our parish offers a meal service to parishioners. Please call if you can prepare a meal and give assistance to a Parishioner who is recovering from surgery. We have an easy meal sign-up service when the need arises.
  • Drivers: On occasion, drivers are needed to bring parishioners to appointments and mass. Please check bulletins for current needs.


Bereavement ministers accompany a family on their first year’s journey after the death of a loved one. Each bereavement minister is assigned one or two families, depending upon the number of volunteers and the number of deaths. A phone call is made or card is sent to the next of kin periodically throughout the year as well the first year’s anniversary.



This committee responds to the needs that are presented for consideration. Our Pastoral Associate, Prisilla Baldwin, consults with this committee to establish guidelines for financial assistance. All requests are kept confidential. They organize various kinds of drives: food, school supplies, cleaning supplies (after a local disaster), and monetary collections in time of local, national or global disaster.


For all Support Ministries please contact Prisilla Baldwin, 241-4477, ext 105


Capitol Lunch

Immaculate Heart of Mary  serves a meal at God’s Kitchen on the second Sunday of each month. Volunteers are divided into serving teams and each team is called upon about once a year to serve. More volunteers can be added to any team. Contact: Arnette Kraus, #340-0966

FAQ’s for God’s Kitchen Volunteers

2019 God’s Kitchen Teams

Funeral Buffet

These volunteers prepare and/or serve a buffet lunch for families after the funeral of a loved one. Volunteers are called upon as needed and serve as their schedule allows. Contact: Sue Kris, 452-0739 or Ruth Popiel, 452-8964

Blood Drive

Immaculate Heart of Mary sponsors a blood drive twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Contact: Gina Zanotti, 916-6835

Altar Linens

Persons in this group wash and clean the following:

Purificators: Wash and iron the purificators, corporals and towels used at Mass weekly on a monthly rotation.

Albs and Altar cloths: Wash and iron the altar servers albs  and altar cloths as needed on a monthly rotation. Please contact Jane Eggleston, 241-4477, ext 107

Baptismal Garments

If you enjoy sewing, this ministry is for you. Help make the little white garments newly baptised babies receive on the altar during Baptism. Sew at home and deliver as needed. Contact: Sherry Boonenberg, 676-9520.

Greeting Cards

Birthday, Christmas and Easter cards are sent to our most special Senior Parishioners over the age of 80. This is a great work from home ministry if you enjoy writing and sending special notes of cheer! You can choose your holiday or birthday months that fits into your schedule. Please contact Jane Eggleston, 241-4477, ext 107

Heavenly Dusters

These volunteers dust the narthex, sacristy and sanctuary weekly. A more thorough cleaning is done periodically. Individuals are assigned on a weekly rotation about four times a year. The day and time are arranged by the volunteer. Contact: Jayne Danhoff, 243-9885

Altar Arrangements, Art and Environment

Volunteers assist in decorating and preparing for the seasonal decor in our church. If you have a gift for decorating or flower arranging please consider this beautiful ministry. Contact: Linda and Kim Eadie,  616-634-3603.

Knit One Pray Too!

This ministry is a fellowship of knitters who, together in His Spirit, provide comfort through the work of their hands and the prayers in their hearts. They meet once a month for an hour of prayer, knitting and community. Minimal skill required, just a happy heart. Contact the parish office.

IHM Gardeners

Immaculate Heart of Mary is blessed with a beautiful campus. It certainly takes a lot of effort to maintain and enhance the environment. We are looking for parishioners with a gift for tending gardens, green thumbs and/or landscaping design experience. Zones are assigned and adopted to be lovingly cared for and maintained throughout the year. It could be a family project or a group of friends or just yourself; a time for quiet work. If you have been blessed with gardening skills please consider this joyful calling! Contact Jane Eggleston for more information. 241-4477 ext 107