Wednesday Jan 3 2018

Happy New Year!

VIRTUE OF THE WEEK is GENEROSITY ( yes, we use the same virtue a couple of weeks in a row)  Car-topics for the ride home can include ways to be generous with our FAITH. What have we done, like John the Baptist, to be generous with the Good News of  Jesus Christ today?


Hot Lunch Menu for January can be found here IHM HOT LUNCH MENU JAN 2018

OUTDOOR RECESS is determined, in the wintertime, by  the windchill temperature . Readings   above zero at 11:15 am= we head outside.  Readings zero or below=we stay inside. Please send your kids to school in weather-appropriate clothing. Marking EVERYTHING they bring and wear to school will help us  return  lost mittens, gloves, boats.

TAKE THEM A MEAL    The Rosario Family (Victoria 6th grade) (Gabriella Freshman at CC) have started the New Year on a thankful note. Dad, Jose, had surgery the day after Christmas and is now on the mend. But mom, Jenny, could really benefit from our generosity of suppertime meals.  Consider providing a meal for the Rosarios at this sign up and keeping them in your prayers of THANKSGIVING!