Monday November 13

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  What  a “NIGHT ON THE GREEN” it was!  Thanks to our chairpersons  Carey Neilson and Maureen Jeakle and their entire volunteer staff;   the “check out” team who gave away their night to “play” so as to man the computers;  the student volunteers; the teaching staff who manned the bid boards;  the set up and clean up crew; to all those who sported golf attire and brought their best JOY to the event; and to you who generously bid and won and bid some more!  They are still totaling receipts but best estimates say approximately $80,000 was raised for Immaculate Heart of Mary School !

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Parents with preschoolers are now lining up in the driveway between the preschool and the “big” school shortly before 8 am. They are parked there, anticipating the 8 am drop off time for their preschooler. Once they drop off, parents DRIVE STRAIGHT THROUGH the upper parking lot and out to Plymouth Ave. This is for preschool families only! If you are dropping your K-8th grade child off later than 8 am, please escort them into the building to ensure their safety. THANK YOU!

 MEMBERSHIP HAS IT PRIVILEGES!  As an ACTIVE IHM PARISH MEMBER, your family’s tuition is subsidized by the parish, affording you a discounted rate. You also have access to funds from the Killgoar Foundation. In return  We ask that your family:  1)Celebrates weekend Mass with us;

2) Participates as a volunteer, in ways big or small, in the life of our parish;

3) and Donates (tithes) on a regular basis.

Looking for ways to Participate? How about an hour a week with our Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament? You won’t be the only one reaping the grace of your time there. Your parish family wins big-time, too!

Consider it.

Pray on it.

Then call Mrs. Amy Hamilton 616.304.7445 to commit to an Hour of Adoration. You will never regret it.

SANCTUARY RENOVATION BEGINS TODAY!  Masses during this week will be held in different locations: Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning in the GYM. Thursday and Friday morning in the Hands room!

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES Next Monday and Tuesday November 20 and 21. 

TUESDAY November 21 is a 1/2 day. We dismiss at 11:00 am. No Hot Lunch that day or going-home bus service . THERE WILL BE CHILDCARE available that day…please call ahead to Mrs. Lynda Davis.

SPEAKING OF CHILDCARE...There is a WISH LIST circulating about, with hopes that St Nicholas or some other dear soul would contribute items, big or small to the IHM Childcare program. Thank you in advance for your consideration!  See below:

1718 Wish List
Art Supplies
butcher paper
liquid watercolors
tape (Scotch/invisible, masking, painter’s)
colored tape
old magazines (esp. nature, for cutting out pictures)
oil pastels
paper punches (shapes)
assorted wooden craft pieces
Drying Rack:
Example: Sax Stack-a-Rack Modular Mobile Drying Rack – 17 x 21 x 30 inches – Red
$69.45 Free Shipping for Prime Members
Cleaning Supplies
dust pan
Dramatic Play Supplies
Ikea Frame:
dinosaur figurines (mid-size preferred over mini or jumbo)
animal figurines (mid-size preferred over mini or jumbo)
Fine Motor Development Supplies
Jumpin’ Monkeys game
Marble Run:
Example: Marble Madness – Super Deluxe 120 pc.  $34.99
Language Development Supplies
child’s cassette player
felt story pieces
Playground Supplies
Training Slackline:
Science Center Supplies
magnifying glass
Sensory Supplies
water beads
small side table for a Prayer Center