Monday February 5, 2018

SAVE THE DATE AND SAVE YOUR STUFF   It’s true!  The Annual IHM Second Best Sale will be here before you know it…..April 27 and 28th!!  Save all the stuff you’ve been purging from drawers and closets this winter for this blockbuster fundraiser! Thank you!

STELLAR ALTAR SERVERS   Thanks be to God, over the past 10 years, we’ve been able to  groom first-rate teams of Altar Servers  here at Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Parish. There are servers at every funeral, wedding, weekend masses and even weekday masses–  something MANY parishes cannot muster. Part of what makes our crew special is their attention to excellence, reverence and service. They are there to serve, not to stick out.  That said, the reason for black dress shoes as required “uniform” for altar servers is precisely that. A uniform. Thank you for making sure, at any mass your kid is scheduled/asked to serve, the proper uniform is observed. We are blessed–thank you!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the thoughtfully, tastefully presented luncheon provided for our staff last Thursday during Catholic Schools Week. Our volunteer parents sure know how to make us feel appreciated and pampered. Hospitality is a virtue you’ve all surely mastered. Thank you!

 BRAVO BRAVO ! Well done IHM Carnival Chairpersons and committee members and volunteers! It was the PERFECT night for a few hours of affordable family fun with other families we love to be around. Thank you for the JOY you bring our school and kids! Well done!

BABY BOTTLES FOR LIFE   Please return the blue baby bottle your kid may have brought home last week to be filled with coins. Monies collected support moms in crisis pregnancies. Please send them into the school office by Friday!

Date Night is Friday, February 16th at 7pm in the Hearts and Hands Rooms.  Light appetizers and desserts will be provided.  BYOB.  We are continuing the United in Love program.  Even if you’ve never been, bring your beloved as all are  welcome to come!  You can jump in at anytime. With regrets, Child care will not be available but you still have a couple of days to line up a sitter!   Please RSVP by Wednesday February 14th.  Hope to see you there!