Call for Prayer Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus- June 8

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

 “Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine.” 


O Mary, Mother of the Church, Remain faithful to your promise of maternal protection for those who practice your rosary prayers. Pray God increase in us more faith, more hope and more love…none of which we may acquire on our own accord. Show yourself our Mother as we rest in your affections!

Mary Mother of Consolation, saturate the  family of Grandmother/ Mother Julie Buehler with your grace, as they both mourn her passing from this life and celebrate the hope of her eternal life. Pray our God Good raise her to the highest heights for her sacrificial works within the Church and the Joy with which she raised and loved her family.

Mary, Mother of healing, St Padre Pio,  Servant of God Rhoda Wise and Fr. Solanus Casey,  hear our petitions for the complete healing of body and soul of: Mrs. Amy Hamilton’s father, seeking free participation in a clinical trial for his cancer;  Mrs. Henkel’s husband severely injured in a car accident; Mrs. Natalie Lott’s brother Todd as he seeks free participation in a clinical trial;  Mr. Ken Cottrell seeking participation in a clinical trial with MD Anderson ;  for Mrs. Haley’s niece Bella who’s cancer has relapsed;  Mrs. Tiana Madison preparing for a June Kidney transplant;  Mr. Jim Wilson; The Plachecki and Tallman family friend, young “Tommy,” recovering from a severe injury sustain on his bike;  the dear sister-friend of Miss Savillo facing serious health issues as well as her neighbor nearing the end of his journey on earth; a special intention for a child who is hurting and another who’s child is in treatment; another special intention for patience and fortitude  for a family “while they wait.”

Mary, Mother of Gratitude, join our praise and thanksgiving with yours for:  our IHM Alumni ready to participate in their graduation from Catholic Central tomorrow night;  the still-clear bill of health for Mr. Jay Lowe; for the treatment which is almost complete of a past IHM teacher; for the healing and “back to the business of kid-life” for little  Dominic Dunlap; for the continued healing of  Christopher Tepper’s older sister Abigail; for the con validation of the marriage of Colin and Stacy Byers, celebrated here at IHM last Friday and their preparation  to have all three of their children baptized this summer; for the 20+ new families enrolled in our school for next year, seeking not only an excellent education but growth in their Catholic Faith and some seeking the sacraments!

Mary, Mother of the Unborn, bless and protect the pregnancies of preschool teacher Aide Mrs. Crystal Cummings; Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Alyse Claunch; Second grade teacher Mrs. Karli Simon;  Office receptionist Christina Brown; for another IHM mom pregnant but too early to announce and all expectant mothers!  

Mary, Mother of Christ’s first  Miracle at Cana, bless the marriage of Rosie Cusack and Rieker Huizinga last week and the families who celebrated them; bless too the preparation for and the upcoming marriages of IHM alum: John Haley; Luke Southerington, Johnathon Marosi,  Kathleen Schumar, Tommy Schumar, Michael Dean Nachtegal, Nate Lowe, Katie Fatum, Kristin Collins . Protect their relationships from all which would try to divide their Holy Union and make their marriages fruitful!

 O loving  Mary, Mother of Prieststhank you for the gifts of your priests, especially our Pastor, Fr Troy.   St John Vianney, bring new harvesters to the field, as we pray in thanksgiving for our IHM Alumni/members pursuing religious life:  Brother of our math specialist teacher Peter Wasinski as he starts his discernment of the priesthood at St Thomas Seminary next fall;  Sister Peter Grace Weber,  Dominican Sister Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor; St Thomas Seminarian and IHM alum Makcim Farrell;  Holy Cross Seminarian and IHM alum Stephen Jakubowski;  IHM parish member and Seminarian Dominic  Couturier in  Mundelein Illinois;  IHM member Natalie Weighner as she discerns religious life; and all others unknown to us in their discernment of consecrated life!  

Most Holy Mary Immaculate,   Make us worthy recipients of your tender care .  We pray God’s grace saturates our hallways and in our classrooms and with maternal love, you guide each soul towards its resting place in the Sacred Heart of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.