Foundation name change!

The purpose of the Killgoar Foundation is to assure all IHM parishioner children have an opportunity to
attend IHM school. This is being accomplished through scholarships – approximately 30% of our
students are receiving scholarships. We have found as the generations have changed, few of the
younger parishioners remember Father Killgoar and the recognition of the purpose of the Foundation
has diminished, as have the donations. The greatest legacy of the IHM parish is our children and their
Catholic education. The name of the Killgoar Foundation will be changed to the Killgoar Education

The Killgoar Educational Foundation will be more involved in the parish with many more activities to
come. We look forward to being more active in the auction, and a golf outing, and you will see us at the
after-mass donut social to name a few. Please consider giving a gift to the Killgoar Education Foundation.
Thank you to The Killgoar Education Foundation donors, your generosity makes Catholic
education possible for students today and assures that our school will be here for future
students. All gifts of any size make a difference.
Give online at HERE or Contact Mark and Maureen Norton,
Development Directors at