IHM School Board Seeking Board Members for our
2021-22 School Year.

We are looking for 2 -3 parishioners whose talents match the needs of the Board, with
experience in Human Resources, Talent Management/Acquisition, Marketing, Law,
Technology, and/or Business. The Board is made up of parents and parishioners. For the
next school year, we will have one open parent position and two open parishioner positions.
The Board is a Limited Jurisdiction Board that works to help improve the operations of the
school and implement strategic planning to promote the legacy of our school. We work
closely with Fr. Troy and Principal Holly Lake. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of
the month, every other month. Terms last 3 years. The School Board is a great way to get
involved and to share your talents to help our school and church. If you are interested
please email Bridget Graham, School Board President at boardpresident@ihmschoolgr.org
for an application to apply.