Leadership + Planning


The Pastoral Council is the visioning and planning force for the pastoral concerns and spiritual needs of the parish community.  It is the guiding force for all other parish councils, ministries and organizations. The Council operates in accordance with the guidelines of the Diocese of Grand Rapids governing Pastoral Councils:

  • Made up of parishioners and strives to be a cross section of the parish
  • Visioning and planning body of the parish
  • Driving force for all other ministries, councils and organizations at IHM
  • Identifies spiritual and temporal needs of IHM parish
  • Analyzes and prioritizes these needs in order of immediacy and available resources
  • Guides, directs and/or recommends how to respond to the needs
  • Assures other ministries and organizations strive toward the same spiritual growth direction for the parish and its members
  • The term of service is four years with an option to renew
  • The council meets monthly

Click here for current Pastoral Council members* Important note:  Parishioner input is more than welcome when the request is submitted in writing to the Council one week prior to the meeting, approved and entered on the agenda.


The Immaculate Heart of Mary Finance Council is an advisory body to the Pastor. The council consists of parishioners who meet once a month with the Pastor and Parish Business Manager to discuss the financial business of the parish.

  • The term of service is three years
  • The council is a deliberative body, discussing issues and giving the Pastor insight
  • The council reviews financial reports issued by the Business Manager in order to give informed advice
  • The council is a conduit for information between the congregation and the Pastor

The council serves at the Pastor’s discretion and has no authority other than what the Pastor grants. It is not an auditing body and does not have check writing authority or authority to enter into agreements for the parish.


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