A reflection from our seminarian intern David Jameson!

How good it is to be here with you at Immaculate Heart of Mary!
Each month during this internship, I hope to provide for you a
brief update here in the bulletin, sharing with you some of the lessons I have been learning through various experiences here in the parish and school. I truly believe that during the internship nothing is wasted; every liturgy, event, meeting, conversation, and relationship contributes to my formation, and God uses all of it to help me become the kind of priest he desires me to be. Therefore, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn,
and I am thankful for the role that each of you plays in my education and growth. A friend recently asked me to name what has stuck out to me most during this first month at IHM. Without having to give it much thought, I quickly responded that it was you, the parishioners of IHM, who have made such a remarkable impression. In this first month, I have had opportunity to observe the community that you are — the many ways that you serve each other, the ways that, you are the body of Christ to one another. This should be immediately apparent to anyone who comes to Mass here at IHM.
At other parishes, the end of a Mass looks something akin to the filming of an episode of
The Amazing Race, whole families desperately running through parking lots to their cars
before they have even had a chance to completely consume our Lord, truly present in the
Eucharist. But here, beautifully, after Mass is concluded you collectively kneel as one body,
praying for each other and particularly for the next person in the community who will pass
away, for their preparation for the journey, for the repose of their soul, and for their family
to be consoled. To be honest, this communal practice has personally challenged me to slow down after Mass and take time to kneel with you in prayer, rather than quickly rush to the back in order to be in place to greet you as you exit.
In this first month, I have also become keenly aware of the significant loss and pain
that individuals in your community have experienced in such a relatively short period. The
stories you have shared with me about all you have suffered and the loved ones you have
lost serve as a testimony of how deeply felt the pain still sometimes is; but along with those stories you have shared an even greater testimony with me about how this community — how Christ through this community — has supported you, accompanying you through the tears, darkness and confusion. How fortunate I am to be a part of a parish community that loves as you love, allowing yourselves to be used so that others may experience Christ’s love, peace and consolation through you in such tangible ways.
In closing, I would like to express my thankfulness and gratitude to all of you for
your hospitality and generosity as you have welcomed me into your parish, into this
community. My placement here at Immaculate Heart of Mary, the tremendous opportunity
it is to be under the direction of Fr. Troy, and the great privilege I have in learning from you
and your example far exceeds my expectations. Truly, how good it is to be here with you at
Immaculate Heart of Mary!
David Jameson