God’s Kitchen volunteer message

Dear Volunteers of God’s Kitchen,

After much thought and consideration, we have decided to end our administration of the ministry for God’s Kitchen. The Catholic Charities of West Michigan has a new online portal for signing up to volunteer and would like us to use this process instead of having to schedule volunteers here. They also need volunteers to read and sign a volunteer handbook and again this would be much better handled under one administration instead of two. What does this mean for our teams and long time attachment to this wonderful ministry? It just means each of you will determine if you would like to continue and sign up through the portal. The volunteer coordinator is keeping the second Sunday available for us for now, so  if you would like your team to stick together, just remember to sign up as a group. They also have individual dates available for flexibility. This way, the chefs and coordinator will know exactly who is showing up when and how many. They can manipulate how many volunteers they may need on any given date. It all makes good sense to process the volunteers this way but it does leave us a bit sad having run this ministry for over 40 years. We used to cook the food here with cooking teams and transfer downtown and we even had cleaning up teams. Times have changed and we simply need to accommodate and adapt. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of God’s Kitchen, serving  the community in need of a hot meal. Your witness and willingness to serve as volunteers of IHM is greatly appreciated! Please prayerfully consider continuing your service. I have attached the message from Holly Salas the volunteer coordinator and information on signing up. Simply click the link below to begin your sign-up. You can sub out easily and also pick dates that you can choose for convenience. Please remember I will be removing your God’s Kitchen ministry off of ministry scheduler. If you have any questions or need help signing up through God’s Kitchen please contact me.

Message from Holly Salas, God’s Kitchen Coordinator:

Hi all God’s Kitchen volunteers,

In order to improve communication and get everyone who volunteers with CCWM on the same page, we are switching to an online sign-up process for lunch service “shifts”. This will help determine who and how many volunteers will be present, connect you to other volunteer activities with CCWM, and help us track volunteer impact.

Please complete the following steps to sign up for lunch service “shifts” on our volunteer website:

  1. Visit our volunteer website here
  2. Select “Sign Up” on the top right of the page
  3. Enter required info and select “create account”
  4. Once logged in, select this direct link to sign up for “God’s Kitchen: 2nd Sundays” lunch shifts. Here’s a quick How To video. You can unregister at any time for shifts you are unable to attend.
  5. That’s it! You are signed up and will receive a 1 week and day of reminder before your scheduled “shift”.


If you select “Become a Fan” of the God’s Kitchen program on the right of the sign-up page, you will receive notifications about other volunteer opportunities and events related to God’s Kitchen.

Thank you for serving our community members with us! The impact you’re having is immense and your support is greatly appreciated!

Holly Salas
Volunteer Coordinator
Catholic Charities West Michigan | Diocese of Grand Rapids
303 Division Ave S. | Grand Rapids, MI 49503
P: 616.224.1294 | F: 616.551.4731 | www.ccwestmi.galaxydigital.com 



Jane Eggleston