EVANGELUS! Communication made easier!

Please note, with new Software development, their have been a few bugs to work out. Please contact us if you are having any trouble with logging in. The company providing this new platform is working vigorously to create an easy way to communicate.  We are excited to announce the parish has adopted a new way to keep you connected to the life of the parish. This week you may receive a welcome message from the new system of our parish, Evangelus. This is not spam. We encourage you to open the message and follow the link to create a profile and select your preferred form of contact. There will also be groups for you to join. Take a moment to join groups which you
are already a part of and see if there are any other groups that interest you.

If you are not a registered parishioner here, or you have not shared your email, you will not receive a message because we don’t have your information on file. Click here to sign up for Evangelus.  Of course, we recommend you register as a parishioner here in general. You can also follow us on Social media and download our parish app as well.