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Congratulations Fr. Dominic!

Father Dominic T. Couturier, 41, is the son of Thomas and Roberta Couturier.
He has five siblings: Jonathan, Nathan, Jacob, Monique and Mark.
Fr. Dominic is a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Grand Rapids and grew up in
Greenville where he attended St. Charles Borromeo Parish. He attended Davenport University
and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2004. Dominic worked at Couturier Iron Craft Inc.
until entering the seminary in 2014.
Dominic received his Master of Divinity from the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/
Mundelein Seminary, Mundelein, Illinois, in the spring of 2020. He completed his pastoral
internship at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Norton Shores and St. Michael the Archangel
Parish in Muskegon, under the mentor ship of Father Charles Hall. Dominic was ordained a
transitional deacon on May 18, 2019.

Father Dominic celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving , Sunday, June 7 at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

Bishop Walkowiak has announced that following ordination, effective July 1, Father Dominic is appointed Parochial Vicar of St. Robert of Newminster Parish in Ada, MI.



The Heartbeat Newsletter, Summer addition and the May/June Adoration Newsletter

Catch up on all the news about what’s been going on at the parish during the “stay at home” order and how we have been staying engaged with our community!

HeartBeat Summer 2020 Newsletter


“I Miss You God!  God is more anxious than we are to resume chapel time because He misses us more than we miss Him. Keep praying for an end to this social distancing. As soon as the Diocese lets us know when we can open we will send word.” To view this newest Newsletter, please click below.

Adoration Newsletter May/June 2020

New Music Aid during Mass!

IHM has implemented a simple and effective method for delivering Sunday Mass Music and Bulletins directly to smart phones – on demand.

If you have a smartphone, simply text the word IHM to the number 200-6070 and you will receive a text with links to the current weeks music aids and also a link to the weeks bulletin.

Tutorial Video is below:

Scam Alert!

SCAM ALERT!    Scammers are impersonating priests in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, asking parishioners to respond to an urgent request via email or text to buy gift cards or send money. Please do not respond to these requests! When requests from Father (name) are urgent, the parish office will call you.

IHM Parish and Faith Resources

During this time of quiet, physical separation and reflection, please remember we are a united community of Faith and Strength. Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish is providing these online resources accessible for you to stay connected and informed throughout this period of quarantine. Just click on the RED links to access the sites. Very soon our doors will be open again and we will be together celebrating the Mass as a parish. 
Praying you all stay healthy in mind, body and spirit!

IHM Parish Website

  • Up to date parish news and links to bulletins, Homilies and more!

Parish App   download MyParish App and turn on notifications

  • For your IOS devices and smartphones. Up to date info in your hand!
  • All up to date Parish notifications and reminders of important events 
  • Great Faith Formation Buttons for Bulletins, Prayers, Daily Readings, Podcasts, Daily Mass links and so much more!

Evangelus – Parish member email or text communication

  • Parish email or text communication. After you sign in, you can choose how you would like to receive communications from IHM parish and also sign up for particular groups that you are involved in.  

Facebook Immaculate Heart of Mary – Grand Rapids


  • Staying connected with Parish and School through social media pictures, videos, news and information.
  • Like and share to grow our community!

Formed – Catholic media content free subscription service for IHM

  • Formed is a wonderful subscription service that offers Catholic Media Content in the form or movies, programs, audio and books immediately! Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish has subscribed to this service, so for all of our parishioners, it is FREE! If you are a first time registrant, look for our parish under our zip code, 49506. No code is necessary, you will be able to easily log in from this point on.

Online Giving – Supporting your parish through online giving has never been easier. 

An IHM Blog – “A Place to Come Together”

  • Desiring to not neglect any opportunity to meet together, we would like to provide a place here online, where we can share thoughts and experiences, receive encouragement and consolation, and ask for prayer. 

The Diocese of Grand Rapids

  • Portal into Sunday Mass with the Bishop at 10:00 am Sunday mornings
  • All up to date information on what directives the Bishop will have for the diocese response to the COVID 19 outbreak.



IHM’s Music Ministry Chamber Choir’s Virtual Productions

IHM’s Music Minister, Jane VanHouten produced a beautiful video with her Chamber Choir for Easter. The simple yet profound message. Do Not Be Afraid, You are mine, speaks to all of us in this time of separation and silence. You are not alone! We are in this together and will come out the other side! Simply click on picture to enjoy and share with anyone who you thinks needs a little inspiration:)

Pentecost Project: Holy Spirit

Featuring the choirs of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Aquinas College and the Basilica of St. Adalbert

EVANGELUS! Communication made easier!

Please note, with new Software development, their have been a few bugs to work out. Please contact us if you are having any trouble with logging in. The company providing this new platform is working vigorously to create an easy way to communicate.  We are excited to announce the parish has adopted a new way to keep you connected to the life of the parish. This week you may receive a welcome message from the new system of our parish, Evangelus. This is not spam. We encourage you to open the message and follow the link to create a profile and select your preferred form of contact. There will also be groups for you to join. Take a moment to join groups which you
are already a part of and see if there are any other groups that interest you.

If you are not a registered parishioner here, or you have not shared your email, you will not receive a message because we don’t have your information on file. Click here to sign up for Evangelus.  Of course, we recommend you register as a parishioner here in general. You can also follow us on Social media and download our parish app as well.

FORMED! Catholic Faith on Demand


Formed is a wonderful subscription service that offers Catholic Media Content in the form or movies, programs, audio and books immediately! Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish has subscribed to this service, so for all of our parishioners, it is FREE! If you are a first time registrant, go to this link:  and look for our parish under our zip code, 49506. No code is necessary, you will be able to easily log in from this point on.

God’s Kitchen volunteer Sign-up Process

Dear Volunteers of God’s Kitchen,

We are offering a new way to sign up to work at God’s Kitchen. Catholic Charities has new online portal for signing up to volunteer and would like us to use this process instead of having to schedule volunteers here. They also need volunteers to read and sign a volunteer handbook and again this would be much better handled under one administration instead of two. . The volunteer coordinator is keeping the second Sunday available for us for now, so  if you would like to create a team or just sign up individually on a day that works for you, please use the portal link to sign up. This way, the chefs and coordinator will know exactly who is showing up when and how many. Thank you  for being a part of God’s Kitchen with serving the community in need of a hot meal. Your witness and willingness to serve as volunteers of IHM is greatly appreciated!  I have attached the message from Holly Salas the volunteer coordinator and information on signing up. Simply click the link below to begin your sign-up. You can sub out easily and also pick dates that you can choose for convenience. . If you have any questions or need help signing up through God’s Kitchen please contact me.

Message from Holly Salas, God’s Kitchen Coordinator:

Hi all God’s Kitchen volunteers,

In order to improve communication and get everyone who volunteers with CCWM on the same page, we are switching to an online sign-up process for lunch service “shifts”. This will help determine who and how many volunteers will be present, connect you to other volunteer activities with CCWM, and help us track volunteer impact.

Please complete the following steps to sign up for lunch service “shifts” on our volunteer website:

  1. Visit our volunteer website here
  2. Select “Sign Up” on the top right of the page
  3. Enter required info and select “create account”
  4. Once logged in, select this direct link to sign up for “God’s Kitchen: 2nd Sundays” lunch shifts. Here’s a quick How To video. You can unregister at any time for shifts you are unable to attend.
  5. That’s it! You are signed up and will receive a 1 week and day of reminder before your scheduled “shift”.


If you select “Become a Fan” of the God’s Kitchen program on the right of the sign-up page, you will receive notifications about other volunteer opportunities and events related to God’s Kitchen.

Thank you for serving our community members with us! The impact you’re having is immense and your support is greatly appreciated!

Holly Salas
Volunteer Coordinator
Catholic Charities West Michigan | Diocese of Grand Rapids
303 Division Ave S. | Grand Rapids, MI 49503
P: 616.224.1294 | F: 616.551.4731 |



Jane Eggleston