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Donut’s are Back!, In need of volunteers!

We love our Donut Sunday’s here at IHM. It is a chance for parishioners to gather after Sunday mass, have a sweet treat and visit with our fellow IHM’ers.. Donuts are delivered here and our volunteers simply set up the donuts, make coffee and clean up after. Over time we have used various ministries to host and any committed volunteers to join these ministries to help serve the parish community. This is an easy and fun service time for the family!  If you feel the call to serve your parish in this manner and are ready to receive the blessings that come from this special ministry, please contact Jane Eggleston: 241-4477 or Or simply click on this LINK to sign-up for a shift!

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group


A support group for adult children caring for family members with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia will meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Hands Room at 7pm. For questions contact Theresa Wilson 616-301-2000 or Sue Marsh 616-325-7619.

Alzheimer’s Asociation caregiver support groups, conducted by trained facilitators, are a safe space for caregivers, family and friends of persons with dementia to build a support system with people who understand. It allows participants to exchange practical information on caregiving challenges and possible solutions, talk through issues and ways of coping, share feelings, needs and concerns as well as learn about community resources.


Missions Appeal

Mission Appeal Coming Soon!
Coming June 23/24, Fr. Dennis Maglasang, MF from the Order Missionaries of Faith will
celebrate Mass and speak about the mission and the needs of the Institute. The purpose of
this mission appeal is to help support the seminarian’s education and religious formation.
The Order of Missionaries of Faith was founded in 1982 in Italy and has the charism to assist
priests, promote ecumenism, youth formation and sharing the gift of Faith. With your help
and participation you can become part of the mission. Support and be counted! We appreciate
any assistance you can offer. Thank you and God Bless!

“So Faith May Florish” 2018 CSA Appeal/Blessed Beyond Measure

  Our 2018 CSA begins this weekend. In the next few weeks we will be introducing our new Music Ministry Capital Campaign to improve the Music area of our Church. We will be partnering our CSA pledges with the Capital Campaign to help offset the cost.  Please click on links below for more information on the new music space and the 2018 CSA.

CSA Online Giving

Blessed Beyond Measure, Music Ministry Appeal



What is the Ministry Scheduler?

Ministry Scheduler is the software system that IHM uses to manage, schedule and connect all our volunteers into one database. For all the Liturgical ministries and God’s Kitchen, we have over 400 volunteers! To accommodate families working together, vacations and preferred mass times it takes a sophisticated software to schedule volunteers. Many variants are taken into consideration and even with the computer generating the schedule we also work with the ministry leaders to then organize the best possible schedule. Volunteers who use the MS portal to communicate, i.e. put in “do not schedule dates”, place an inactive status, or preferred mass times, find the best satisfaction. We run our schedules on a three month rotation and volunteers are alerted through email when the service time is near. They are able to ask for a sub easily by clicking on the link.  Volunteers who anticipate and put in there requests before the schedule is made also find the best outcomes. Each ministry is different in how they are utilized. For instance, Altar Servers and Lectors are scheduled periodically throughout the rotation, whereas Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers , Sacristans , and Purificator Laundry are scheduled monthly. The number of volunteers within your preferred mass time dictates how often you would rotate. More volunteers the less you work and vice versa. We can accommodate those who would like to work more or less. Just use the profile page on the Ministry Schedule format or call the Parish office. If any volunteer is finding difficultly login into the MS or having any trouble using the software, we are here to help! Please contact Jane Eggleston for any questions or would like a tutorial. We can make this tool work for you!