Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let it SNOW!   


IHM SKI CLUB begins this Friday, January 6th.  If your skier plans to ride the bus, permission slip and bus fee needs to be turned in by this Thursday. As communicated, your punch cards are ready to be picked up at Cannonburg at your earliest convenience.  You can also grab those the night of Ski Club.  Fresh snow is in the forecast and we are excited to hit the slopes!  Questions?  Contact Meredith Beachler or 616.318.0560    Permission to ride the bus slip found here

A Note from our Librarian, Mrs. Amy West:

“Hi all, Just a quick note to clarify…in case you’ve heard the news. My husband’s job is now taking us on to our next adventure – Chicago. I’m not positive of my last day, but Brian leaves us to start the job in a couple weeks. Cooper and I will follow…we just don’t have details ironed out yet. BUT, I’m working with Mr. Thomasma to get it all figured out… I want you to know that I’ll be doing everything I can to make the transition for your kiddos seamless. AND I really want the new librarian to keep moving things in the direction I was trying to go! This is not ideal. Not how we THOUGHT our 2017 would start! BUT, it’s far from the end of the world and we are grateful for the opportunity… It’s just very hard to even think of leaving IHM. 😥As we figure this all out, we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience and prayers. :)Amy

CORRECTION:  Luminaries for LIFE will be observed on Monday, January 23.               Not the 22nd as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

CALL FOR PRAYERS PAGE has been updated. Found on the homepage of this website and the link here :