Call for Prayer- January 18, 2017

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Mary, Mother of God and Perfect Disciple, through your Most Immaculate Heart we offer you today and every day, our joys works, prayers, successes, and sorrows, united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, said throughout the world, in reparation for our sins and for the intentions of the Holy Father.

Mary Mother of the Americas, heal our divisions! Unite our country after such contentious election and now, on the eve of the Presidental  Inauguration. Prompt us to approach one another, not as the rivals we’ve been positioned to be, but humble souls just wanting to live in peace. Pray for us!

Mother Most Faithful, welcome the soul of Mr. William Howe,  great uncle to Addison and Sienna Martinus whose Mass of Christian Burial is to be celebrated in Wisconsin this weekend. 

Mary Mother of Consolation, bring the light of hope to those IHM families working through difficult marriages, under or unemployment, health challenges, personal loss or spiritual dryness. 

Mary, Our Life, our Sweetness and our Refuge, Bless the efforts of our 8th graders, Spiritual Growth Committee and Right to Life Committee as they prepare for Luminaries for Life. Hear our prayers! Take our small sacrifices and participation in the vigil and apply their merits towards the changing the hearts of those who promote violence in one of the most sacred places — a mother’s womb. 

Mary, Mother of Mercy,  hear our petitions for the healing of Mrs. Sara DubinskyMr. Ken Cottrell,  Mrs. Brecken’s brother in law Mike Curzensky, Mrs. Heintz’ brother in law Jeff Heintz and all those living with and being treated for cancer.

Mary Mother of the Afflicted, kindly continue to pray on behalf of those pinning for good health and a return of their strength: Mrs. Tiana Madison, Dr. Dawn Rosser, Mrs. Tobi Beale,  Mrs. Erin Thomasma, Mrs. Ginger Bui, Mrs. Charity Kuzner’s father “Gpa Carrier” and all those carrying a cross of physical affliction.

Mary, Mother Pure, and Holy, thank you for your intercession for the safe delivery and healthy, pink addition to the Andrew and Danielle Walsh Family–Margaret Anne!

 Mary, Mother of the unborn, bless and protect the pregnancies of   Mrs. Karli Simon, due in March, Ms. Crimmin’s daughter Meghan Holt, due in March, Mrs. Crystal Cummings due in February,  Mrs. Colleen Kingsley and all expectant mothers!  

 O loving  Mary, Mother of Priests, we pray on behalf of our Pastor, Fr Troy and retired priest, Fr. Tom Vesbit.  O Mother of Priests. Bless these men for the fruitfulness of their vocations, especially  our IHM Alumni/members pursuing religious life:  Sister Peter Grace Weber,  Dominican Sister Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor; High School Senior and IHM alum Makcim Farrell;  college seminarians Mitch Deitrich and Anthony Preston who visited with us last week and for whom we’ve promised to pray; Seminarian Stephen Jakubowski at Notre Dame;  Seminarian Dominic Couturier in  Mundelein Illinois; Matt Berrios , now a Deacon with the Paulist Fathers readying for priestly ordination this year  and  all others unknown to us in their discernment of consecrated life!  

Most Holy Mary Immaculate,  your generosity is beyond our comprehension. Make us worthy recipients of that sublime care and protection.   Continue to shine your Holy light in our classrooms. Through your maternal love, guide each soul towards it’s resting place in the Sacred Heart of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.