Call for Prayer- Updated Wednesday June 7 2017

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Mary, Mother of God and Perfect Disciple, through your Most Immaculate Heart we offer you today and every day, the merits of our Masses, time spent before the Blessed Sacrament, our joys, works, successes, sorrows and little crosses. Knowing your generosity cannot be outdone,  apply the grace from these small acts of love to those souls most in need.   

Mary, Mother most compassionate, bless and protect Mrs. Margaret DeVito and Mrs. Lori Brecken as they begin their retirement this weekend (!!!!) with restful days and exciting new adventures. Pray Christ rewards them for the MANY years of service and love they shared with the staff and students of Immaculate Heart of Mary School!  Also, hold close to your Immaculate Heart Mrs. Lauren Host and Mrs. Kristin Polakovich as they too begin a new adventure as stay-at-home-moms! Finally, we ask you to bless and continue to protect Ms. Annette Crimmins who has accepted a 4th-grade position in Holland at Corpus Christi in the Fall….No more winter commutes! We thank you for keeping her safe on the highways these last 12 years! 

Mary, Mother, and Perfect Intercessor thank you for your powerful prayers in bringing about  the healing of:  Fr. Troy’s dad, George Nevins, who’s scan showed he is cancer free!; for Samantha Fabiano’s Granny’s successful surgery  which revealed no cancer and is on the road to recovery; for Mrs. Heintz’ brother in law Jeff, who’s stem cell transplant was successful, is gaining strength and healing everyday; Mrs. Brecken’s brother in law, Mike Curzensky, whose hip surgery has given him mobility and for the healing of cancer being brought about by our prayers and a clinical trial; for the successful surgery for Little Harper Sanders, now with a feeding port in her tummy, as she awaits heart surgery ; for the successful surgery scheduled for  tomorrow of Anna Reichardt’s godmother, receiving a kidney donation from her godmother’s sister. Mary, OUR Mother, your faithfulness cannot be outdone!

Mary, Mother of Mercy,  St Peregrine, and St Padre Pio, and Servant of God Rhoda Wise, hear our petitions for the complete healing of body and soul of  Mr. Ken Cottrell,   Mrs. Lott’s brother Todd,  Mr. Jay Lowe,   Mrs. Rawa Rofiael’s business partner, Tim; father of Rebecca Maguire,Greg Carlson , former IHM Art teacher, Mrs. Kate Dietrich, and for all for all those living with and being treated for cancer. Holy Spirit shine your light into the souls of those with no one to pray for them, as they await treatment, test results, and someone to share the Good News of hope.  Renew their spirit each day with a glimpse of your  Son’s precious face in the eyes of those who serve and pray for them. Jesus, we trust in You!

Mary Mother of the Afflicted, kindly continue to pray on behalf of those pining for good health and a return of their strength: Little John Paul Willison, just diagnosed with diabetes, 5th grader Jameson B , Grandma Kahn Vu and Grandpa Vu,  Mrs. Tiana Madison as she awaits word if her brother will be able to be her kidney donor,    Mrs. Hamilton’s father,  Grandpa Stein, and  for all those carrying a cross of physical affliction whom we don’t know.

 Mary, Mother of the Unborn, bless and protect the pregnancies of  Mrs. Colleen Kingsley, due in July, Mrs. Danielle Boog, due in September, Mrs. Kim Willison expecting in November, Dr. Susan O’Rourke, due  in November, Mrs. Rebecca Maquire due in September, those with pregnancies too early to announce and all expectant mothers!  

 O loving  Mary, Mother of Priests, we pray on behalf of our Pastor, Fr Troy and retired priest, Fr. Tom Vesbit and for all our clergy. We especially pray in THANKSGIVING for the newly ordained Diocesan priests –Fr. Kyle Kilpatrick, Fr. Stephen Durkee and Fr. Steven Geerling and Paulist Priest,  Fr. Matt Berrios!  O Mother of The Savior,  Bless all these men with fruitful vocations, bringing others to the table of the Lord and new shepherds to consecrate at those tables. We pray especially  our IHM Alumni/members pursuing religious life:  Sister Peter Grace Weber,  Dominican Sister Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor; High School Senior and IHM alum Makcim Farrell;  college seminarians Mitch Deitrich and Anthony Preston for whom we’ve promised to pray; Seminarian Stephen Jakubowski at Notre Dame;  Seminarian Dominic Couturier in  Mundelein Illinois;   all others unknown to us in their discernment of consecrated life!  

Most Holy Mary Immaculate,   Make us worthy recipients of your sublime care and protection.   Continue to shine your Holy light in our classrooms. Through your maternal love, guide each soul towards it’s resting place in the Sacred Heart of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.