Call for Prayer- January 18, 2018

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Mary, Mother of God, through your Most Immaculate Heart we offer you today and every day, the merits of our Masses, time spent before the Blessed Sacrament, our joys, works, successes, sorrows and little crosses. Knowing your generosity cannot be outdone, apply the merits from these small acts of love to those souls most in need.   

Mary, Mother, and Perfect Disciple,  thank you for your powerful intercession in bringing about the continued healing of:  Mr. Jose Rosario; Mrs. Mary Quiroz;  young Joe C., back on his feet and back to school; Mrs. Barb Sink’s grandson Elias who recovered from RSV at home:  Mr. Jay Lowe who just had a clear CT scan;  Grandma and Grandpa Vu who both were hospitalized but are  home now and on the mend.

Kind St Joseph, Father of the Holy Family, direct the efforts of 5 of our dads as they pray for new jobs/employment. Grant them fortitude in their search, patience as they wait and humility in being lead to how God would have them provide for their families. Dear Holy Spirit,  lead one of our dear dads back to full communion with the church. Thank you for leading Mrs. Tiana Madison to her First Reconciliation last Saturday on her way to coming into the Catholic Church this Easter time!

Mary, Mother of Mercy, St Padre Pio,  Servant of God Rhoda Wise and Fr. Solanus Casey,  hear our petitions for the complete healing of body and soul of Mrs.  Mrs. Renee Nevins;   Mrs. Natalie Lott’s brother Todd; Mr. Ken Cottrell;  for Mrs. Haley’s niece Bella;  Mrs. Tiana Madison as she prepares for a kidney transplant;  Mr. Jim Wilson; IHM Alum Drew Riebel ;  and all those who seek the Father’s healing.

Mary, Mother Most Consoling, Welcome the souls of : Mrs. Haley’s newborn grandson Nathaniel who lived 4 days after his birth on Sunday and without blemish found a home in Blessed Mother’s arms ; Mr. Jack Bowen, laid to rest last here at IHM Saturday;  the Izworski’s paternal great grandma Loretta M. Izworski laid to rest last Wednesday; 5th grade teacher Mrs. Soda’s paternal grandfather Richard Vales who met his Lord face to face on Sunday; Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Alyse Claunch’s father in law who passed into the arms of his Savior this week; gym teacher Mr. Josh Meerman’s best friend’s father, who passed on Sunday and will be celebrated into new life tomorrow in Coopersville; IHM parish member Mr. James F. Burns who was laid to eternal rest yesterday; IHM parish member Mr. Jim Hudson’s father, Oliver Hudson, who also was laid to rest this week. 

Dear Holy Spirit,  hear the prayers of one of our dear moms as she asks you draw her husband back to full communion with the church. Thank you for leading Mrs. Tiana Madison to her First Reconciliation last Saturday on her way to coming into the Catholic Church this Easter time! Kindly shine your light into the souls of those with no one to pray for them, as they await treatment, test results, and someone to share the Good News of HOPE. Prompt us to be that someone! Renew their spirit each day with a glimpse of Christ  in the eyes and smiles of those who serve  them. Let us not grow weary in our prayers and ministry to the sick, the lonely, and the dying.

 Mary, Mother of the Unborn, bless and protect the pregnancies of   4th grade teacher Mr. Gus Wasinski’s wife Annamarie, Mrs. Rosetta Habari, Mrs. Stacie Byers, those with pregnancies too early to announce and all expectant mothers!  

Mary, Mother of Christ’s first  Miracle at Cana, bless the preparation for and the upcoming marriages of IHM alum: Luke Southerington, Johnathon Marosi,  Rosie Cusack, Kathleen Schumar, Tommy Schumar, Michael Dean Nachtegal, Nate Lowe, Katie Fatum, Kristin Collins and all who will participate in IHM’s pre-cana program in February.

 O loving  Mary, Mother of Priests, thank you for the gifts of your priests, especially our Pastor, Fr Troy. Give him a restful and well-deserved vacation and return him to us safe and sound,  in fine health and glad attitude.  St John Vianney, bring new harvesters to the field, as we pray in thanksgiving for our IHM Alumni/members pursuing religious life:  Brother of our 4th grade teacher Peter Wasinski as he starts his discernment of the priesthood at St Thomas Seminary next fall;  Sister Peter Grace Weber,  Dominican Sister Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor; St Thomas Seminarian and IHM alum Makcim Farrell;  Holy Cross Seminarian and IHM alum Stephen Jakubowski;  IHM parish member and Seminarian Dominic  Couturier in  Mundelein Illinois;  IHM member Natalie Weighner as she discerns religious life; IHM member and NET Team Member Ashley David and all others unknown to us in their discernment of consecrated life!  

Most Holy Mary Immaculate,   Make us worthy recipients of your sublime care .  We pray God’s grace saturates our hallways and in our classrooms and with maternal love, you guide each soul towards its resting place in the Sacred Heart of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.