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The School Board is a consultative body that assists the Principal and Pastor in guiding the educational programs at Immaculate Heart of Mary School. The School Board meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month from September through June in the school library. The term for each member is three years with an option to renew. Any interested candidates will be asked to fill out a candidate resume to be turned in at the Parish Office or School Office. Prospective board members should have a genuine interest in Catholic education and schools, have a willingness to support the school and diocesan philosophy and mission, be willing to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality, and have the ability to make the time commitment for meetings, board activities and periodic in-service programs. The School Board would also like assistance in marketing our school to increase enrollment. Please contact Regina Wright at


At its core, “stewardship” means taking care of something someone else owns. So, the more we accept that “all things are from God” ( 1 Cor 11:12 ), the more we understand that we are stewards, not owners, of everything we have. Every day of life we receive, every talent we have, every resource available to us is a gift. As followers of Christ, we are called to use these gifts to help others, build the Kingdom of God and complete the vocations to which we have each been called.

While there are many characteristics that could be identified for stewards striving to follow Jesus, ten seem essential: prayer, humility, trust, patience, responsibility, gratitude, generosity, simplicity, mercy, and perseverance. Each of these characteristics is an integral part of stewardship. Each presents its own unique challenges. Yet all are connected to one another. As a steward makes progress in one characteristic, he or she will often discover growth in the others as well. That is because all of these characteristics are bound together by the virtue of love. Please contact Jane Eggleston for more information 241-4477 ext 107


Our parish campus is our spiritual home and the heart of our ministries, programs, outreach and social activities.  Through our 60-year history, we have built and “repurposed” buildings to accommodate changing needs. A recent, thorough assessment of our campus by professional contractors/consultants shows that our facilities are well used and, though aging, are generally well maintained. The contractors and consultants identified areas that will require maintenance/ updating over the next few years in order to continue supporting everything we do now – and what God is calling us to do in the future. Please contact the parish office for more information, 241-4477


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